Designed to care for your clothes and your pocket

We pamper your clothes and your skin:

Teka washing machines feature a diverse array of washing programmes, over 5 drying programmes, and anti-allergy programme and a foam detection system, which not only care for your clothes, but for your skin as well.  

Sensible large-capacity washers:

Only the most efficient washing machines are worthy of an A+++ ratin. We have created a washing machine with 7kg load capacity and the very best energy label, guaranteeing maximum washing performance with the lowest energy expenditure possible. An advantage you'll notice in your family's pocket.

Smart washing systems: 

Our washing machines deliver greater washing accuracy and efficiency, automatically adjusting water consumption, energy and detergent according to the quantity of clothes. This means you can do your laundry and vary the load without having to change the programme or wait unitl your washing machine is full.



Time efficient

Our washing machines reduce washing time by up to 60%. Teka’s free-standing washing machines offer a quick wash programme that freshens up your garments in only 15 minutes. They also feature an end-time delay function of up to 24 hours so that your laundry is ready just when you need it!

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Ideal for large families

Washing machines with 9kg washing and 6kg drying load capacities, respectively, some of the largest on the market. They combine all the advantages of a top-range washing machine with the functions of a dryer that takes meticulous care of your clothes. 

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Fuzzy Logic System: high technology for perfect results

Some of our washing machines include a system that monitors all processes electronically, correcting any possible irregularities it might come across while a programme is running: an unexpected foam level, a poor load weight distribution, an unsuitable water level or an incorrect temperature for the fabric selected. 

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