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Food preservation experts that do more than just cool

Eco-friendly technology: 

Teka fridges are fitted with Eco-Fuzzy technology, which guarantees an automactic accurate and constant temperature control that adjusts seamlessly to the climate outside. The lower consumption, the higher the savings.  

Anti-bacterial protection:

With a special silver lons-based coating. Teka refrigerators are fitted with a system that prevents bacteria and micro-organism build-up. It also prevents unpleasants odours from lurking inside your fridge. Some models include up to 4 anti-bacteria systems. 

A smart fridge:

Teka's fridges are fitted with advanced electronic control systems and LCD displays that control and optimize the efficiency of your fridge. They feature not onlye a memory function that re-sets the selected temperature if there is a power cut, but also self-tests and a fast freeze and fast chill function. 


0-3ºC fresh zone

In Teka we’ve developed a compartment located above the veggie drawer that maintains foods at a constant temperature of between 0º and 3º C and successfully preserves their nutritional properties up to three times longer. It features two humidity options: high humidity, for fresh products, and low humidity for meat and fish. 

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Cool or freeze - It’s up to you!

Teka’s NFE 900 X fridge delivers great flexibility. Its four doors, the spaciousness of its cold store area and its convertible fridge / freezer allow you to use your fridge how you want, when you want. It also features one of the largest refrigerator areas on the market with a width of 80cm.  

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Eco-holiday function

Do not worry on holidays! Teka’s fridges feature an Eco-holiday function that maintains a constant temperature in the fridge / freezer compartment, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. This function also prevents bacteria and odour build-up when you’re away for a long time.

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