Every year, the group invests in R&D to create products that turn it into an internationally renowned technology and innovation benchmark. These are just some examples:

  • innovacion/ihood.jpg
    Teka iHood®
    The first extractor hood of its kind to incorporate an Apple media player. iHood lets you listen to your music with high sound quality even when operating at full power.
  • innovacion/hydroclean.jpg
    Teka Hydroclean®
    The exclusive interior enamel of our Hydroclean ovens enables you to clean them thoroughly in just 24 minutes using the steam produced by a single glass of water.
  • innovacion/flex.jpg
    Teka Flex®
    Teka’s flexible induction cooktops provide up to 30% additional cooking space allowing you to save energy by usingmultiplepots and pans at the same time.
  • innovacion/iquick.jpg
    Teka iQuick®
    Teka’s exclusive iQuick system detects the material your cookware is made of and boils water almost instantly, saving time and energy.
  • innovacion/combo.jpg
    Teka Combo® Ovens
    The two unique, distinct areas offered by our Combo ovens, in the space of a standard-size appliance, allow you to prepare a large roast and a pizza at the same time.
  • innovacion/isink.jpg
    Teka iSink®
    Thanks to the Touch Control of this sink unit and electronic faucet combination, you can adjust the water to 17 different temperatures and to 5 flow levels with just one finger.
  • innovacion/icon.jpg
    Icon bath tap
    One of the sleekest and most sophisticated faucets on the market. State-of-the-art technology is used in the manufacture of its slender shape.
  • innovacion/eco.jpg
    Eco system
    The Eco energy and water saving systems used in Teka’s bathroom faucets cut domestic water consumption by 50%.