Teka Group

Legal Policy

Teka Industrial, S.A. is recorded in the Companies Register of Cantabria, General Section, Volume 453, Page 163, Sheet 2152.

Tax Identification Number: A-39004932

Company registered domicile: c/ Cajo 17, Santander

Telephone: 942 355 060

Fax: 942 344 588

E-mail: mail@teka.com


Products shown in the catalogue are subject to technical alterations, inaccuracies, printing errors and availability.
This collection of products represents Teka’s international range and some products may not be available in
certain countries. Functions, features and accessories may also vary from one country to another. Teka apologizes for
any inconvenience that this may cause.
For further information, contact the commercial department.



I.- Users;

The access and/or use of the teka.net website implies that,from the point of access, the user fully and unreservedly accepts the general conditions, in addition to the specific conditions which, as appropriate, may complement, modify or replace the general conditions in relation to certain services and content on the web site.


II.- Use of the web site, its services and content;

The user undertakes to use the web site and its services and content without infringing current legislation, in good faith and within the generally accepted forms of usage and public order.

Use of the web page for purposes that are unlawful or harmful to TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. or any third party, or which, in any form, could harm or impede the normal functioning of the website is likewise prohibited.

With regard to the content (information, text, graphics, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, etc.),  the following is prohibited:

- Reproduction, distribution or modification of the content, unless the authorized owner of the rights to said content has granted their authorization or if the action is legally permitted.

- Any infringement of the rights of TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. or the rightful owners of the content.

- Use of the content for any commercial or advertising purposes, other than those that are explicitly permitted.

- Any attempt to obtain content from the website by any means other than those that are placed at the disposal of the users, as well as those generally used online. In all cases, these actions must not cause any detriment to the TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A website.


III.- Unilateral modification;

TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. may, without prior notice, unilaterally modify the structure and design of the web site, including modification or removal of the services and conditions of access and/or use of the web site.


IV.- Hyperlinks;

The establishment of a 'hyperlink' between a web page and any of the TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A website’s pages shall be subject to the following conditions:

- Whole or partial reproductionof any of the services or content of the TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A web site is not permitted.

- No deeplinks may be established with the web pages of thesite or its services, and nor may a browser or border environment be created on the site.

- The web page on which the hyperlink has been established shall not contain any brand name, trading name, establishment sign, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive marking pertaining to TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A.

- Under no circumstances shall TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. be responsible for the content or services available to the public on the web page containing the 'hyperlink', or for the information or statements found on said page.


V.- Exclusion of Guarantees and liability;

TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. shall under no circumstances issue any guarantee or assume liability for damages of any nature that could arise from:

- The lack of availability, maintenance or correct functioning of the web page and/or its services or content.

- The lack of use, suitability or validity of the web page and/or of its services or content to meet the needs, activities or specific objectives or expectations of the user.

- The existence of a virus or harmful or malicious programs in the content.The receipt, obtaining, storage, dissemination or transfer of the content by the user. 

- The unlawful, negligent or fraudulent use,by the user, of the website, its services or content, contrary to these General Conditions, good faith, and outside of the generally accepted forms of usage or public order.

- A lack of legality, quality, reliability, utility or availability of/in the services provided by third parties and placed at the disposal of the user on the website.

- Breach by third parties of their obligations or commitments in relation to the services provided to the user through the website.


VI. Term;

The term of the website and its services is of an indefinite nature.

Without detriment to the above, TEKA INDUSTRIAL S.A. reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the provision of the web service or of any of the services there of, under the same terms as contained in condition three.


VII. Intellectual property;

For the purposes of honoring possible intellectual property rights, should any user or a third party consider that certain content on the web page infringes their lawful rights, they should notify TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A.of this, providing:

- The personal data of the interested party whose rights have allegedly been infringed. If the claim is made by a third party other than the interested party, the form of representation in which this third party is acting must be stated.

- A statement on the content protected by intellectual property rights and their location on the web page.

- Substantiation of the cited intellectual property rights.

- An express declaration from the interested party stating responsibility for the veracity of the information provided in the notification.

- The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the content provided by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of the said third party.


VIII. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction;

These General Conditions shall be governed by Spanish legislation.

TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. and the user expressly waive any jurisdiction to which they otherwise may be entitled and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the user for such matters as may arise or claims to be exercised deriving from the provision of the web page service and its services and content, and regarding the interpretation, application, compliance with or breach of the terms established herein. In the event of the User‘s domicile being outside Spain, TEKA INDUSTRIAL, S.A. and the User expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they otherwise may be entitled and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Santander.